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Lenovo was founded by Legend Holdings in 1984 in China with an investment of approximately RMB 200.000 (USD 25.000). The company has set off in 1988 into the business world in Hong Kong and became in a short term of 8 years the largest computer company in China. In 2004, it was renamed to Lenovo. Lenovo, which is today a technology company that provides millions of customers with 55,000 employees in more than 160 countries, converted into a multinational company with a volume of USD 46 Billion. The company achieved the position of the world’s largest computer seller, ranked 202nd in the Fortune 500 list. Lenovo, which has in its portfolio work stations, servers, storage solutions, IT management software, smart TVs, tablets, smart phones and applications, conducts its operations with the vision to inspire more people, to generate a culture where more people will participate to and to produce worldwide respected, lasting, reliable personal devices.

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